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The Siberian Forest Cat

Siberians have a long storied history, the earliest known reference dates to approximately 1000 AD, and are mentioned in Russian Fairy-tales. It is a medium to large slow maturing breed, the average Siberian reaches maturity around five years of age. Siberians are highly intelligent, natural problem solvers, one of ours regularly opens my bedroom door and let's himself in. They are affectionate, love to snuggle, are great climbers, playful, and can be very funny. They like nothing more than to supervise and help with your computer work, newspaper reading, cooking, and bed making. They have a semi-longhair coat that changes seasonally, in winter their coats are very full, many of them have a beautiful triple coat that protect them from the harsh winters in their native Russia. In summer, they shed their winter coat for a less dense coat. The Siberian is a great family pet, they do well in homes with kids, dogs, and the elderly. They are a wonderful companion for just about anyone that needs a friend. They are often described as dog-like, and will probably follow their person around, greet them at the door when they come home, and keep them company while they bathe. Siberians are easily trainable, and make great emotional support, or therapy animals.

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