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Below is an assortment of items we love for our cats and kittens. We use them in our home with our kittens/cats.
We have included links to the items to make it easy for you to find them. 

As an Amazon Associate, I earn commission from qualifying purchases.

Towers, Hammock, Beds and Scratchers

Cats need a great place to sleep, scratch, and climb.
They like nothing better than being above everything.

Feeding & Drinking

Keeping you cats well fed and hydrated is essential. Cats do not always drink enough water, a fountain will entice them to drink more, keeping them healthy.

Grooming, Calming & Travel

Trimming nails, grooming and safe transportation options are many. the items below are well tested and great choices. When your kitten first comes home a calming diffuser is helpful. Regular essential oils can be poisioness and should be avoided.

Litter Boxes, Litter and Tools

Make sure you get a large litter box, Siberians can get very big.
We also recommend My Pet Peed for occasional accidents, and the Chom Chom to clean pet hair off furniture and rugs.

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