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How do I purchase a kitten?

To purchase you must 1st fill out a kitten application. After we recieve your application we will schedule a time to talk. If we are both happy with each other we will discuss next steps.

Are you a registered breeder?

Yes, we are members in good standing with both The International Cat Association (TICA), and Cat Fancier Association (CFA). Our cattery registration is under the name Uncommonsibs.

Are your kittens health tested?

Our cattery is FelV (Feline leukemia virus) free, and our breeding cats are screened for HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), fully vaccinated, health screened, and DNA tested.

Do you have an application?

Yes you will need to fill out an application. We want to insure our kittens go to homes where they will be happy, healthy, and loved, and there owners have the right expectations. It is essential the family/person and home is a good fit.

How much does a kitten cost?

Kittens include at least one round of vaccinations, de-worming, spay or neuter, microchip, a gift bag with kitty essentials, some food, and the paperwork detailing health history, and the names of both parents. Please contact us for updated pricing information.

Are your kittens pedigreed?

Absolutely, we breed our pure-bred kittens for great health, (we test) temperament, great personalities, and ensure they come from diverse healthy, championship lines.

Should I get health insurance?

Health insurance is always a great idea. While our kittens/cats are healthy, you never know when an emergency can come up. Alternatively, if you chose not to get insurance, please set aside funds incase of an emergency.

What should I feed my kitten?

We always suggest you feed your kitten the same thing we do at the cattery for at least three weeks. You don't want to have kittens with an upset tummy. After that time if you want to change food, do so very slowly, mixing the two together, bit by bit over the course of a week.

When can I bring my kitten home?

We never let a kitten leave the cattery before 12-13 weeks, sometimes later. It will depend on the readiness of the kitten. It must be fully weaned, litterbox trained, happy, and healthy. Kittens that leave their mother and siblings too soon are prone to behavior problems. Most registries require kittens to be a minimum of 12 weeks old before they can leave the breeder's home.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

Kittens will have a veterinary exam before leaving the cattery. All kittens are dewormed, given at least one FVRCP & FelV vaccination. If your kitten will be flown to their new home they will also require a health certificate from the veterinarian, the health certificate is an additional $150. Kittens are certified to be in good health upon pickup/delivery. We guarantee kittens for one year against genetic or congenital disease, and FIP. Additional information will be in the contract.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

A contract will spell out the details of your purchase, and our relationship. We are partners, and I hope to be your resource for any questions you may have. When kittens leave our cattery, they remain members of our cattery family.

What supplies and toys should I have?

We will give you a list of suggested items to purchase before you get your kitten. We also have a page with items we favor, and links to where you can get them.

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