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The First Days



Set up a safe and comfortable environment: Create a designated space for your kitten with a cozy bed, litter box, scratching post, and some toys. Make sure the area is safe and free from any hazards. Keep the food and water away from the litter box. Make sure there are no hanging wires or cords, and if there is a good hiding place, make sure it is accessible to you if needed.




When you pick up the kitten(s) will need to bring an appropriate cat carrier for the trip home. We will send along a small blanket with the scent of their mom and siblings, it should bring them comfort, and place it in the carrier with them. When you arrive home place the crate in the room you have set up for their transition and quarantine from your other animals. Open the crate and allow the kitten some time to come out on their own. When they come out, immediately place them in the litter box, they probably will not use it right then, but it helps them know where it is. After the litter box, the food and water dishes are the next stop. Do not force the cat to socialize with you, sitting quietly on the floor in the room while they look around is a great way to let them get used to you and know you are there for them. Try not to overwhelm them with too many people at once. One or two people in the room at a time is best and allow them time alone to decompress. This is the first time they are away from their mother and siblings, and they will need time to adjust. Some crying is not unusual, sitting quietly with them is helpful.

Leave the carrier door open in the room so that your kitten can use it as a safe place or as a bed for the first few days. In no time your kitten will start investigating their new surroundings. After interacting with your kitten your scent will replace the smells associated with their old home and you will become a source of comfort.

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