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There is lots to know about taking care of your Siberian Kitten. The information on this page is meant as a guide, to help you along the way.


In our cattery we feed our kittens Royal Canin kitten food both wet and dry. Royal Canin is well tested, nutritionally complete, and they have a Veterinarians Nutritionist on staff.

toys etc.

There are many wonderful kitten and cat toys, beds, and cat trees. Please click on the more button to see a list of our favorites.

First Days

The first days in a new home are critical to establishing a good relationship with your kitten. It is also important not to force introductions to other pets in your home. Please follow the link to read more.

Poisonous Plants, foods, and flowers

There are many plants, foods, and flowers that are poisonous to cats. Please be very careful not to let your cat near any of them. Click the link below for a comprehensive list.

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