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Cat & Kitten Feeding

"Some carnivores, particularly cats (family Felidae), are obligate carnivores, meaning they cannot obtain all the nutrients that they need from the plant kingdom and bacteria. In particular, obligate carnivores lack the enzyme needed to split carotene, obtained from plants, into vitamin A. Instead, these animals obtain vitamin A from the liver of their prey. Obligate carnivores are similarly unable to synthesize some essential very-long-chain, highly unsaturated fatty acids that other animals can make from shorter fatty acids found in plants." -

Cats diets should be make up of at least 70% meat.


We feed our kittens Royal Canin Mother and Babycat when they are first learning to eat wet food, then we graduate them to Royal Canin kitten food, wet and dry. Royal Canin develops many specialized foods, for cats and dogs, the food is available commercially and the specialized diets are available through veterinarians.


We feed our adult cats Purina Pro Plan wet, and Purina Live Clear dry. or Purina Pro Plan Dry. Their favorite canned food is the beef and carrots.  Purina Live Clear is designed to lower FEL D1, the enzyme cat allergic people are often allergic to. Purina employs full-time veterinary nutritionists and invests in

continuous research and development. We typically avoid fish varieties as it can make their poo stinky, also tuna can contain high levels of mercury. Purina Pro Plan is a favorite brand of veterinarians, and we find our cats do very well on it.

When you first bring your kitten home it is very important you keep them on the same food we feed them for at least three weeks. After that if you want to change their food, do so very slowly mixing the new with the old, over a period of a week or two. Abrupt changes in food will likely cause stomach upset. Kittens should stay on kitten food until they reach 1 year old.

Cats do not always drink enough water, so wet food helps keep them hydrated. The also like moving water, so a stainless steel or ceramic fountain works very well. We also use shallow stainless steel feeding bowls to help avoid whisker fatigue. Plastic dishes can lead to cat acne, so it is best to avoid plastic.

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Mother and baby cat
Dry Kitten Food
Pro Plan Dry Food
Pro Plan Kitten Food
Pro Plan Dry Food

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