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Our Story

It all started with our first Siberian, Apollo. Covid was in full swing, and we were stuck in the house, I started searching the internet, and landed on a Siberian cat breeder's page. My sister already had two Siberians, and the more I looked the more I fell in love. I have allergies to most cats, but had learned Siberian cats are typically lower in the protein FEL D1, the protein most people with cat allergies are allergic to. And the search began. Apollo joined us from a lovely cattery in Idaho called Sullivan Siberians. I can't thank Andrea enough for trusting us with the most loving, sweet, affectionate cat imaginable.


Next Came Tobiko

After falling in love with Apollo, we decided to find yet another Siberian. After a few months wait we were the proud owners of Tobiko. We are not actually cat owners, the cats rule the house, and we are their people. Tobiko is also a sweet, funny, affectionate cat, and we are lucky to be his people. Thank you to Jeanne at 7 Cedars Siberians for our wonderful Tobiko.


And So It Began

I searched the globe for our first Queen. She had to have exceptional temperament, come from Championship lines. And above all she and her parents had to be free of all genetic health issues. I found Bonnie in Poland, and she took a long journey to join us in Colorado. I will be forever grateful to Renata Gruszka of Śnieżny Urwis for this amazing creature. Since she joined us, Bonnie has been health tested, DNA tested, HCM scanned, and loved. She is a wonderful cat, sweet,  friendly, affectionate, playful, and beautiful. She makes us laugh playing with her foam balls, carrying them around in her mouth, running up the stairs, dropping it down the stairs, and playing fetch. 

We are a boutique home based cattery. All the cats, and kittens live with us, so they get plenty of socializing, attention, love, and playtime. They also live with two dogs, and kids, so they are comfortable with all the different personalities. We focus on producing healthy cats with amazing temperament, that make wonderful companions.

Our cats come from championship lines, and are thoroughly health tested, including HCM scan (Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy), and DNA testing with Optimal Selection and My CatScan.

We are registered with both The International Cat Association, and The Cat Fanciers' Association.

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